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Hi Everybody,

It’s been a while but we wanted to come on and give you all an update of where things stand in the unusual times we are experiencing at the moment. We hope everybody is coping as well as possible. It has been a time for us to reflect on the direction and shape of Twelves over the coming months and we are looking forward to continuing to bring you on the journey with us

Twelves Apparel

Our online store is still running and orders are still being fulfilled daily. Delivery time for orders may take an extra day but you will receive your order no more than 48 hours after you make a purchase. The plan over the next few weeks is to clear our existing gym apparel for men and ladies and we have already begun creating designs for our new “Born Again” range. Production times have slowed due to Covid -19 but we will endeavour to have the new range as soon as is humanly possible. Our Twelves apparel website will also be undergoing a small facelift over the coming weeks to make it more user friendly and also to add in the new range.


Twelves Teamwear

Twelves Teamwear is still operating on a pre-order basis. With the current situation the demand for teamwear has slowed but we are still fulfilling and have delivered all orders prior to Covid-19. Our teamwear branch of the business will also be getting its very own website in the coming weeks. This will comprise of 5 design patterns for each individual item of clothing and apparel. There will be a Kit builder installed so that teams can pick designs and change colours to suit their own team or club. A corporate wear section will also be added for businesses who wish to buy clothing for their staff or for events. Teamwear is important to us as it gives people a real sense of identity and creates a bond within a community. We feel it needs to stand on its own two feet and that is why we have chosen to make it a separate entity while still sticking to the overall ethos of what Twelves stands for.

Twelves Media 

Twelves Media is our latest development. It is only in the very early stages but we have been having talks with a lot of people around the idea of running some events and also starting a podcast. The areas we are looking to touch on go back to some of the reasons the company was founded in the first place. Our love of sport is high on the list but we are more interested in delving deeper into the people that participate in sport and the challenges that it presents. Everything from a high performance environment to an athletes identity. How they may have to struggle with setbacks and the techniques they use to get themselves back competing at the highest level. Addiction and emotional well being are high on the list of topics too. Spirituality and meditation are other areas we want to explore. The plan is also to do some roadshow events and bring in experts in different fields to share their experiences. If anyone wants to get involved our DM’s are open on our social channels

Twelves Education

For want of a better word we are going to go with Twelves Education for now. We are in the process of putting together a gambling education workshop that we intend to deliver into schools, clubs and the workplace. We have set our sights extremely high with this project and believe it will be the best of its kind in the world.

Twelves Foundation

The Twelves Foundation is in the process of being finalized also. We are going to take 12% of profits from each of the different branches of Twelves and put that money into a foundation. We are picking 3 charities who we will be partnering with and the money will go to them to continue the great work they do in the areas they are focusing one. Again, our DM’s are open so anyone who wants to get in touch please do. We have 2 charities chosen so far and are looking for a third. The 2 areas we are focusing on for now are addiction supports and childhood education/wellbeing support. The foundation is our most exciting project. However, in order for it to succeed we need the other branches of the business to be thriving.


It is a strange time for everybody at the moment but some of the greatest things to happen in life often come from adversity. We would like to thank you all for your love and support over these last few years. Its been a great journey so far.

Stay safe…